Funny But True Facts..

1. In world 95% women are addicted with daily soap channels (serial and series). Can u believe it? But it’s TRUE.๐Ÿค

2. 90 % of people love to listen such music ,which r out of their syllabus, even they don’t know what the language z that n what the mean does it ve…only downloaded for their amazing beats…๐Ÿ˜ถ

3. According a research It’s a bitter truth that in between 100 incidents 60 incidents are carried out cause of unnecessary use of cell phones..๐Ÿคช

4. 80% youth r faced with road accidents for over speeding near school or college area roads..๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ..excitment for Beauty..๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜..

5. In India , demanding doury z a illegal offense in marriage but always aspire that groom should be a gov. Servant..๐Ÿค‘

6. In the whole world..max women r through out their parents in law in oldage homes but give suggestions to their siblings to take care of parents..๐Ÿคจ

7. In whole world ,97% people r always ready to give ear bursting free advice to others…๐Ÿคฏ

8. Do u know , that human brain is much faster in acquiring -ve things more than the +ve one..๐Ÿฅต

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A Love Story (part-5)

Arjun k mitthe yaadon ko main aapne dil aur dimaag me mehsoosh karr raha tha..Na jane ek bahat hi mithi si aandekha chhap mere dil ki geherayion me judd gaya tha…phir se aur ek ek jam halak se niche uttar gaya …aur Arjun yaadon me kanhi khoya hua…, ek mithi si muskan uss k hontho se saaf chhalk raha tha..Ab kese bayan karun??…uss muskan me sachai, khusi,honesty aur deewano jesa pyaar jo mobile tourch ki roshni se aur v chamak raha tha aur uss chamak k pichhe mahjoot ek aankahi dard…Bas wohi dard se main khud ko wakif karne ki kosish me lagga hua tha..

Arjun k ghar wohi naye guest aaye hue thhe jinse ajj Arjun ka Rubaru ho raha tha.

Aur Arjun k nigahen jaa takraye unhi nigahon se jise dekh Arjun k hosh ude hue thhe..

Arjun k dil jorose dhadk raha tha aur dimag kehh raha tha “are , ye to wohi hai”.. Ek bijli uske pure badan me doudd raha tha…

Phir ek chhoti si khash ne ki awaz ne Arjun k saath saath pure mahol ki khamoshi ko todd daala aur ye neki Arjun k papa ne kar liya..Arjun aapne aapko sambhal te hue guest panda babu n unke Mrs. Ki charan chhuke shastang pranam kiya..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.. Matlab launda maidan me uttar gaya tha , bas derr tha balle baji ka…

Arjun k taraf dekhti hui woh chehere se ek chhoti si but sharmili si smile nikli jo Arjun ko to pehele mittha gullkand ka ehesas dila raha tha par ek vram tha jo bahat jalld hi Arjun k samajh me aa hi gaya…๐Ÿคญ..Arjun samajh gaya k woh cute si smile uske liye nahi tha, tha to woh uss k huliye k liye jo ki woh banaya hua tha..Honestly yaar agar koi bahat hi charming girl aapko dekh raha ho aur aap nikker baniyan me ho, socho kitna awkward feel hoga…wohi haal Arjun ka ho raha tha aur bajah banne papa..๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Arjun turant wanha se bhaga aur jaate jaate ek chidha hua nazar uss k papa k liye wonhi chhod gaya..Gusse me aapne aap se baddbadata hua sidha kitchen me , uss k maa k pass jaa dhamka aur dialogue baji suru..”papa esa kese karte hain..pehele se bolna to chahiye tha..E papa v na hadd karte hain yaar..”..Ab pati ka burai ho raha ho toh patni toh..samajh rahe ho na..agala scene kya hua hoga… And savage indian wife/patni/mom ki orr se de dhana dhan reply suru wo v free gussa wala family coupon k saath..

Arjun ko uss k maa ne chai biscuit ka tray thama k bolle “jyada noutanki matt kar aur jaa guest ko ye chai biscuit serve kar k aa”…Ab twist ye tha k phir se esi halat me dobara…lounde ka taklif samajh rahe ho..Ab maa ki gusse wali aankho se pehele se hi shehema hua Arjun k pass koi chara v nahi tha toh tray pakde chall diya aur ek bejati ka swad uthane…

Tray leke Arjun living hall me pahancha..anadar se gussa aur sharam do no Arjun k saath de rahe thhe..Ab to Arjun ka halat parr katte murga k tarah ho chuka tha ,Bas bhagwan ko yaad karr raha tha k prabhu bas izzat bacha lena..๐Ÿ˜‘

Phir ek miracle hua..woh dono jhill jese aankhe peheli baar Arjun ko palke uthaye dekh rahi thi…phir kya.., bezzati gaya bhadd me, Arjun v unn aankho me kanhi kho gaya…

Phir aur ek awaz unn nigahon k dor ko bich me se marodd diya aur again ye neki Arjun k papa ne hi karr dala tha…Arjun ka mood ab kesa hua hoga khud hi sochlo…matlab ice cream khane wale hi thhe ki pighal k niche jaa gira…๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Pitta ji ne kaha “Areee..beta tumhare tutorial me admission ho raha hai ki nahi..ek kam karna beta kal panda uncle ko saath lete tumhari coaching me jaana..”..bin kuchh bole Arjun bas aapne pitta ki orr dekh aapna mundi hilane laga..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Arjun aaj behadd khus tha..bahar se to normal par andar to tornado , tsunami sab uchhal rahe thhe..kyun k ab unse rozz mulakat, nazrat jo hone wala tha


Savi bade log aapas pe baaton me busy ho gaye…aur dusri orr 2 nigahen aapas me sharmate, jhijhkte judd ne lagge thhe..Aur ek anokhi pyaar ka bizz boya jaa chuka tha….sayad yahi LOVE ka pehela padaw tha jisme 2 dil ek duje k liye dhadkna suru karr diye thhe….Aur phir…(continue..)

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A Love Story (part 4)

Ghoop andhera, Kuakhai nadi ki sand bed, khilkhilati hawa aur saath me hum dono k charo orr gunn gunnate machharo ki band aur rum , 2friends n ek dard bhari love story…๐Ÿ˜

2 peg chadhne k baad Arjun boll pada tha aur main bas uss aap beeti aur usme ghule hue dard ko mehesoosh karne ki kosish karr raha tha..

Arjun odisha k kendrapada se belong karta tha…but 20 saalon se yahi Bhubaneswar me puri family rehh rahe thhe..Uske papa ji yanhi mancheswar railway plant me production manager thhe…Achha salary n ek khushnuma zindagi Arjun ko mill gaya tha wo v bachpan se….kuchh 7 ya 8 saal pehele unhone wahi mancheswar me khud ka ghar banna liye thhe…

Kahani Suru hota hai uska phela ghar, Railway quarters se.. Arjun k Quater se kuchh hi dur pe ek tutorial chalta tha janha Arjun k pitta ji uska tution lagga diye thhe…Rozz sham ko wo tutorial jata tha aur 8pm ko ghar wapas…

Ek din ki baat hai, uss din Arjun ka tution classes cancel ho gaya tha , to Arjun cycle ko pakade hue chalte chalte wapas aaraha tha …Uss time uska nazar padda ek saman loading truck pe jo unki quarter se mehezz 2 quarter chhod k khada tha..Aur 2 bade logo k saath khadi thi ek cute si ladki.. Rangat jese doodh me koi gulabi raang mila diya ho aur sakal dekh k to chand v sharma jaye…uski aankho me nazane kitni geheraiyan simmat gayi ho..

Uss din Arjun peheli baar khubsoorati ko mehesoosh karr raha tha jo usne ajj se pehele kavi kiya nahi tha.. Usse dekhte hi Arjun k andar jese kuchh becheni sa baar baar angdayi le raha tha aur saath me peheli nazar ka pyaar v karwatt le raha tha jis se Arjun khud v anjaan tha…

Ghar pahancha aur maa se jaa k puchha k woh koun hain…Uske Maa ne ese casually bolle ki koi nai employee hain , tranfer hoke yanha aaye hain..

Sham k 6 baje thhe..Arjun k pitta ji office se aake wanhi living room me baithe baithe chaye ki chuski le rahe thhe aur TV par news dekh rahe thhe…Arjun wanhi sofe pe baitha aapna video game khel raha tha…Phir door bell bajj utha…Aur saath me kitchen se maa ki awaz aayi “dekhto beta koun hai”.. Par Arjun aur uske pitta ji dono aapne aapne duniya me busy thhe..Maa andar se chilati hui aayi aur darwaza khole aur khusi se chilane lagge “o ji sunnte ho dekhiye koun aaye hain”…Aur Arjun wohi video game me ghusha padda tha…Arjun k pitta ji v khusi k mare doud pade darwaza k orr …”Are panda babu , aayiye aayiye..plz…aho bhagya humara k aap log mera aur patni ji ka mann rakh liye . Plz baithiye .”…

Phir ek kadak awaz Arjun k liye..”Arjun , beta mehman aaye hain”.. Arjun v samajh gaya tha kya karna hai..but jese hi usne nazar uthaya to uske hake bake udde hue thhe…wohi baate karti aankhen uske samne hi thhe….Aur phir..(continue…)

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